the neon jungle

about us

We’re a team of seasoned professionals, each with decades of experience from the movies, comics and technology industries.

We came together in 2022 to create a new IP independent of major studios or traditional media gatekeepers.

EON RIFT will incorporate digital, comic books, digital collectibles, video games, phygital collectibles, a trading card game and merchandise.


genesis pfp collection


Why us

Our vision for the project, beyond your PFP, is to let you customize your character however you like.

Ultimately, our roadmap calls for dropping your character as you've designed them into our world and games.

New drops of weapons, gear, clothing, etc. will let you keep your avatars fresh - swap out or sell whatever you like.

Choose from different species

These are only a few of the different species that will populate EON RIFT!

Hand-drawn comics

Our comics are drawn by the awesome team at COMBO-BREAK, who also worked on the hit trading card game Marvel SNAP!

Our cover artist for the first issue of the EON RIFT comic is the amazing JONBOY MEYERS


We plan on testing and releasing multiple smaller mini-games to test gameplay, get feedback from our community and give people something fun to play while the full game is being developed.

Trading Card game

David's putting his professional game design experience and his 20+ years of competitive trading card game play into the EON RIFT TCG


We're planning on releasing limited-edition physical collectibles, linked to the blockchain.  Both in the form of scenes taken from our comics, as well as your individual 3D PFPs and digital collectibles.


Leri greer
Art Direction

Leri brings 15+ years of experience in concept art at Peter Jackson's WETA studios, where he worked on some of the most successful and iconic film properties in recent history including Avatar, Mad Max Fury Road, District 9, Ghost In The Shell, Elysium and Chappie.

Leri also was one of the founding members of the critically acclaimed Half Life 2 mod, "NeoTokyo" which earned a stand-alone release on Steam. Ed Harrison, who composed the music for NeoTokyo went on to create the music for the AAA cyberpunk game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Van Jensen
Story & Narrative

Van Jensen Is a novelist, comic book author and filmmaker known for creating unique and mind-bending worlds filled with compelling characters. He broke into the comics industry with his graphic novel Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer, which earned rave reviews and honors from the American Library Association. From there, he was hired by DC Comics to write iconic heroes Including Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Van has also written comics featuring James Bond.Van's own creations include the neo-nolr Bylines in Blood (Aftershock), conspiracy thriller Cryptocracy (Dark Horse), sci-fl dystoplan adventure ARCA (IDW), true crime graphic novel Two Dead (Simon & Schuster), and the upcoming A Hunnert Pieces of the Devil (IOW).

Chris Anderson
Product Advisor

Chris has been in software product leadership for 25 years, with 16 years in the video game industry.

Chris started one of the industry’s first digital game download services,  Direct2Drive, in 2004 while at IGN Entertainment in Los Angeles.  Chris expanded Direct2Drive beyond downloadable video games and into one of the first downloadable comic books and anime movie services on the internet.

IGN was acquired in 2006 for $650M by FOX Interactive Media.
After IGN/FOX, Chris was at GameFly for 10 years, where he built another downloadable game business and one of the industry’s first video game streaming services, GameFly Streaming, which was acquired by Electronic Arts.

Ryan Ripley

Ryan Ripley has extensive experience with public (Nasdaq, NYSE, TSX, TSX-V) and large private companies in executive management roles. CPA and former Big 4 accountant (PwC) with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting.

Executed several acquisitions, mergers and SPAC deals throughout the US and EU. Over 10 years in the casino (land-based and online) and sports betting space - both B2B and B2C.

Shashank Gupta

Over 7 years of experience in blockchain/crypto space. Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship.

Founder of estateshare.eu, a tokenization of real estate assets startup based in Luxembourg. Entrepreneur and blockchain products specialist having worked with tier 1 crypto exchange, web3 gaming projects.

David Hura
Game Design

David has worked on globally successful video games like Hearthstone at Blizzard Entertainment and currently leads the design team on Medabots, a strategic card battler based on the classic anime of the same name.

A competitive card game player for over 20 years, David’s accomplishments include multiple top 100-200 regional placements for Hearthstone, dozens of local event wins in the Pokemon, Yugioh, and Magic TCG’s, as well as other top tier ranks in digital card games like Legends of Runeterra and Elder Scrolls Legends. He is thrilled to bring his passion and experience to our team as the chief architect of a brand new card game set in the Eon Rift universe.


"The purpose of this document is to publicly share our goals for Eon Rift and to give people who are interested in supporting our project a clear picture of who we are, what our intentions are and how we plan to run things..."

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OUR Roadmap

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